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record... [06 Nov 2010|05:55pm]

I found this gem of a record a while back. Its just amazing... great listen. Figured I'd throw it up here for remembrance sake. Name of the album is In Sweden by the Delta Rhythm Boys...

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when it goes down... [16 Jul 2010|10:54am]

So, I've been going through old video today and found this gem... I saved it when I was absolutely horrified by the hypocrisy of it all. Here it is, hope the embed code works:

Thought this was an interesting video, it was shot during a crisis. What will happen next time isn't clear but one thing's for sure, these public servants won't help you out a whole lot.

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conundrum... [10 Dec 2009|12:21pm]

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observations... [19 Aug 2009|10:11pm]

I have a couple observations... mainly these come from my aggravation with our culture in decline. I see this decline in an accelerating pace. Its really quite amazing actually. While at my favorite place to see the tragic side of the human condition, I only have to go as far as the local Wal-Mart. You get this shot below. The top pic is of the car I found interesting only because of the 'parking sized' sign in the back window.

The car's owner, the girl and her 'friend' are in the shot below. They both appeared to know everyone at Wal-Mart well... and in fact, had a couple jokes with the security guy / greeter on the way in. I guess that's where the live, eat, work - life (all except for a place to sleep of course).

The bottom pic is of a cover of a magazine with Kirstie Alley bloated in a black smock. Below the image is a 'headline' that says GET VACCINATED FOR STROKE AND HEART ATTACK... oR SOMEthing like that. A ridiculous and very dangerous notion.

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L T J !!! [10 Aug 2009|10:35pm]

I love Less Than Jake. When I listen to them, I am happy. Its one of those groups that make me think of really great times in life. Whenever I get a request to play something happy, I immediately go to LTJ. I found a couple of their albums on Spotify, which is a new music search player / program brand new to me. Its amazing.

But anyway, I remember back in the day when I was in the architecture program at UF. My friend Johnny was a well known character in the arch building. He was Albert the Alligator too, the school's mascot so he was all over the place. Everyone - all the professors in the department - loved Johnny too. He's got a great life story and is a very zen dude...

Anyway, one night a kid came in from one of Less Than Jake's shows while everyone was working on their models in studio. He said something about LTJ and how cool they were or whatever. Johnny, without knowing that this kid was actually good buds with the band said "Those guys are sellouts!"... for no reason really. Johnny was also aptly named "Johnny Quest" at school. I think Don was the one who took the 'sellout' comment back to the band... So, the band's first hit was born. Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts. Classic...

It wasn't long before the Quest song went wild and LTJ moved from playing shows in Gville to other places... out of the state and then around the world. But the guys from the band were always cool. Gainesville's such a cool town, I love it everytime I return. Its like MY hometown. I really grew into a human there, from a kid that is! But LTJ was the band I always remember, everytime.

Chris, the lead singer / guitarist was going to supply some music for my tv show back in 1999/2000, but it was at that time they started another world tour and I missed the chance. They liked my show. Most people did I think because it was so irrelevant and just fun. There was never a point, always lots of randomness and local faces. I've got to build a website for the show sometime.

The last time I spoke with anyone in the band was Roger. He plays a mean bass. I think that night it was dollar PBR's at the Mellow Mushroom. So, I was doodling in my sketchbook and we chatted for a bit. This was probably 2004 or so. He mentioned that he thought it was weird that the band just got signed "to the same label as Michael Jackson and Madonna". He laughed about it a couple times. I remember saying "that's fucked up!". He smiled and agreed.

We had another beer and he began talking about recording at some producer's house in Malibu. That's where he was flying off to the next day. He's a great guy. He's got the connection to Gainesville that I do I think... yet stronger since he owns a house there. I think he's still running a recording studio out of his house too. Again, every one of the guys in that band are solid. Really down to Earth and cool. Great music. Thank God for Less Than Jake.

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friends! [28 Apr 2009|05:35pm]

Ahhhh, I've got a great story... but it will be to my friends... actually, I've been thinking about it and figure that my journal should be viewed by my friends out there. I'm going to be posting here still but only to my friends. If you want to check out my updates, please join livejournal and add me to be your friend!

Hope all goes well in everyone's world.

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